The S.E.P.P. Team

The S.E.P.P. Group has been serving the communities of the Southern Tier for nearly 50 years. Our team's collective expertise continues to produce the best available housing arrangements for seniors and the disabled throughout the Southern Tier and Pennsylvania.

From our Executive Director

Dear S.E.P.P. Community Members:

It is an honor to serve as Executive Director of S.E.P.P. Having spent much of my professional career in customer service related industries and government, I enjoy applying my skills and experiences to S.E.P.P.'s mission of providing safe, affordable, independent living communities throughout the Southern Tier. We are here to serve our residents and enhance the living experience wherever possible and it gives me great pleasure to work with our professional staff and Board as we further this mission and continue to grow throughout our region.

John M. Bernardo | Executive Director

John Bernardo

David Harder

David Harder

David Harder, Broome County Sheriff will be retiring as Chairman of The S.E.P.P. Groups Board of Directors effective 06/30/18. He has served on S.E.P.P.'s board for 18 years and will continue to serve. Mr. Len Basso will take over as Chairman. Thanks for all you have done, and will continue to do Sheriff!




John Bernardo | Executive Director

Eric Williams | Staff Accountant

Brandy Jackson | Director of Operations

Beverli Miller | Executive Assistant

Leonard Cicciarelli | Director of Maintenance


Jackie Carner | Building Manager

Kevin Coish | Maintenance Manager

Ray Compeau | Maintenance Supervisor

Howard Fellows | Bus Driver

Jared Fiske | Building Manager

William Ford | Building Maintenance

Ron Goodspeed | Building Maintenance

Dustin Hawkins | Building Manager

Mike Kelly | Building Maintenance

Kristina Kiehle | Resident Services Coordinator

Frank Miller | Building Maintenance

Rebecca Murphy | Building Manager

James Ryan | Courier

Peter Silba Jr. | Building Maintenance Assistant

Daniel Stroka | Building Maintenance

Mark Testani | Building Maintenance

Dawn Velten | Building Maintenance

Board Officers, Directors and Advisors


Chair | Len Basso

Vice Chair | Kevin McLaughlin

Treasurer | Mark McManus

Secretary | Thomas E. O'Connor

Personnel | Daniel Schofield


Julie Sweet

Richard DoBell

David Hughes

Peter Maciak

Thomas Gray

Art Johnson

Ron Keibel

Dorollo Nixon

Jennifer Yonkoski

David Alamo

William Gibson Jr.

Pat Ticknor

Daniel Schofield

David Harder

Mark McManus

Thomas E. O'Connor

Thomas Augostini

Susan Brown


James Hayes | Legal Advisor

John Jones | Legal Advisor