Resident Services

Although SEPP facilities are not designed for assisted living, we have been able to help many of our residents continue to enjoy independent living by providing some basic support services.

In 1994, SEPP added the Resident Services Program. The Resident Service Coordinator’s role is to assist residents in identifying and obtaining appropriate services available in our community. Along with area agencies like Meals on Wheels, the Office for Aging and others, our residents can continue to live independently and with dignity for a longer period of time.

Serving the Elderly through Project Planning

The Resident Service Coordinator is employed as a “neutral party” to address the needs and concerns of our tenants. Working with housing management, the Resident Service Coordinator assists residents in identifying their needs and linking them with the appropriate resources in the community.

The Resident Service Coordinator is responsible for making sure the residents of SEPP owned buildings, especially those who are disabled or at risk, are linked to the supportive services they need to continue living independently.

Resident Services

Among other daily duties, the Resident Service Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Providing general case management and referral services to all residents needing such assistance.
  • Establishing links with agencies and service providers in the community.
  • Maintaining working relationships with selected community service programs and organizations.
  • Sharing general tenant concerns with management.
  • Participating in orientation of new residents.
  • Participating in relocation of residents to alternative living arrangements, when necessary.
  • Helping the residents develop personal support systems and build relationships with other residents, family and friends.

The Resident Service Coordinator may be reached at the following sites:

Marian Apartments:
701 Hooper Road
Endwell, NY 13760
P (607) 785-2961
Wells Apartments:
299 Floral Avenue
Johnson City, NY 13790
P (607) 797-8862


Nurse Case Manager Program

Nurse Case Manager Program

The Nurse Case Manager Program was designed for:

  • Patients being discharged from the hospital or other care facilities
  • Patients, and their caregivers, who are interested in additional teaching and/or medical support in the comforts of their own home

Your Nurse Case Manager will make a combination of house visits and telephone calls to support you to:

  • Better understand your medication and instructions for care
  • Get connected with additional community resources
  • Learn about your diagnosis and what to do if symptoms worsen
  • Monitor blood pressure and other clinical measurements from home
  • Follow up with your family

Services are ordered by your physician because he/she feels you may benefit from this free service.